Grantcoin needs your help to succeed! There are many volunteer opportunities available:

  • Tell people you know about the Grantcoin Basic Income program and encourage them to participate. Earn bonuses for each person you sign up!
  • Set up meetings and organize Grantcoin local groups in your community.
  • Meet with businesses and persuade them to accept Grantcoin as a payment option.
  • Help with software development, coding, and other technical issues.
  • Help with graphic design, videos, and other promotional and marketing tools. Artists, we invite you to create attractive designs for Grantcoin paper coupons.
  • Other ideas? Let us know how you’d like to help.

Volunteers are eligible to receive Grantcoin to thank you for your help. This is to incentivize talented people to participate, and to reward people’s hard work to help Grantcoin succeed and grow.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved!