Grantcoin is powered by people — people from all kinds of backgrounds who are coming together to share their talents, build an organized movement, and make Grantcoin a powerful new tool for social change and economic reform.

Board of Directors

Eric StetsonEric Stetson, Founder, President and Executive Director. Eric is an organizational development consultant and social media manager from Virginia. He has experience in executive leadership roles in the nonprofit sector and is a twice-published author, editor, and ordained minister. In 2014, Eric was part of the core team of the SolarCoin project, through which he gained experience in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space.

Jon Frechin, Co-Founder, Vice President and Board Member. Jon is a serial entrepreneur who owns and operates an urban youth apparel company in Denver, Colorado. He also started and runs a business as an organic food distributor, connecting local food producers with major retailers such as Whole Foods. Jon studied economics at Colorado State University.

Brandon Venetta, Co-Founder, Secretary/Treasurer and Board Member. Brandon works for a fair-trade coffee company based in Orlando, Florida. Previously he worked as a project manager for a design and construction company. Brandon has family ties in Latin America and is passionate about using alternative currency to bring economic opportunity to the developing world.

Amanda Medica, Networking Team Leader and Board Member. Amanda is a musician and artist from Australia who has spent years working in events management and as a performer. She also leads retreats in the fields of metaphysics, counseling, and human spiritual activation. Amanda works with multiple global nonprofits promoting sustainable solutions for social and environmental imbalances.

Other Team Members and Advisors

Doug Shubert, Interim CTO. Doug is the President and CTO of Access Gate Servers, a company with 30+ years experience building enterprise-level servers and server security solutions for major corporate and government clients. He also ran a successful Internet Service Provider in the 1990s. As a serial entrepreneur in the IT industry, Doug brings a wide spectrum of knowledge and talent to Grantcoin.

Rishabh Kapoor, Chief Strategist. Rishabh is a successful serial entrepreneur from India, currently living in the Netherlands. He wrote a master’s dissertation on the blockchain space and is highly knowledgeable about current developments in this fast-moving industry.

Gabriel Brennan, Communications and Social Media. Gabe is an international educator in South Korea. He has also worked as a communications and operations specialist for a logistics company.

Troy Benjegerdes, Cryptocurrency and Back-End Development. Troy has also volunteered as a developer of Grantcoin. Troy has a career background in software engineering, especially servers and back-end development, and has worked for the Cray supercomputer company. He was one of the lead developers of Catcoin, a cryptocurrency which was designed to fund animal shelters. He owns and operates a holistic farm in Iowa, and resides in Minnesota, where he is known as a local activist for renewable energy and sustainability.

Nathan Mackenzie Brown, Marketing and Business Development. Nathan is the founder of with 10 years of internet marketing experience. His focus is on using marketing science and strategic partnerships to solve some of society’s biggest problems. He is also a long term member of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and the chief architect of their community currency, which may be the most successful local currency in the world on a per capita basis.

Dr. Liane Gale, Activism and Networking. Dr. Liane Gale is a former research scientist, who for more than two decades specialized in elucidating the population biology of plant pathogenic fungi. Since 2012, Liane has become an activist and organizer, while also exploring more traditional life and career paths. After realizing that the current political and economic systems were major contributors to growing inequality and destruction of the planet, she has worked to understand their effects on people and planet, while exploring alternatives to current systems that are based on supremacy. After moving through organizations such as the Green Party of Minnesota and TakeAction MN, Liane is now focused on Basic Income, which, if implemented correctly, could abolish poverty and be a first step towards system change. Liane was a founding member and is current organizer of several Basic Income groups: BIGMN – Basic Income Guarantee Minnesota (state), BIWAG – Basic Income Women Action Group (international), and NCBI – National Campaign for Basic Income (local, state, national).

Rev. Dr. Victoria Jeanne Rollins, Activism and Networking. Rev. Dr. Rollins is an activist and advocate for human rights for all, for peace and healing justice building, and advocates for our common tasks to create a power-sharing world. She is a mother, theologian, Interfaith/Interspiritual Ordained Minister, pastoral counselor, chaplain, lay leader in the Episcopal Church (Anglican Communion), and speaker for a more just and gentle world. Victoria is the founder and facilitator of L.O.V.E. Task Force on Non-Violent Living, is Co-Chair of the New York Episcopal Diocesan Task Force on Domestic Violence, serves as a Neighborhood Supper volunteer, a member of the Diocesan Task Force on Human Trafficking, a member of the United Nations NGO Committees, is a Borough Director for New York City’s Interfaith Not On My Watch Movement, and is the Director of Rise Again Ministries.

Renaut Van Der Riet, Business and Charitable Sector. Renaut is the pastor of a church with several thousand members in Orlando, Florida. He is also the owner of a coffee shop which donates all of its profits to charity, including orphan care, clean water, medical care, education and more. Renaut has personally adopted several children from Africa and is passionate about helping people in the developing world.

Dave Hamill, Economics and Activism. Dave is co-founder of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading, which advocates for equal opportunity of access to productive capital, and a project manager at the Center for Economic and Social Justice, a Washington D.C.-based think tank which promotes employee ownership of business and reducing inequality of wealth through monetary system reform. He is the founding owner of an employee-owned trucking company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robert Law, Software and User Interface. Robert has 10+ years experience in IT management, designing software and managing teams of software developers. He has a strong interest and background in user experience improvement, making software accessible to non-technical people, which is a key area of need in the cryptocurrency space. He also has owned and operated a website development and software consulting company.

Dr. Paula Gable, Business and Organizational Development. Dr. Gable has extensive professional experience including executive leadership of non-profits, executive coaching, and strategic planning. She holds a Ph.D. in Ministry and has served as a Unitarian Universalist minister. She is currently completing a doctoral dissertation for a second Ph.D., an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration at Georgia State University.

Collin R. Bockman, Legal Counsel. Collin is an attorney who specializes in the legal needs of entrepreneurs, startups, new organizations and small businesses. A major part of his practice is devoted to companies and organizations in the cryptocurrency space. Collin was part of the inaugural 2009 graduate studies program at Singularity University and believes in entrepreneurship as an engine for beneficial social change.

Join Us!

The Grantcoin team will keep growing as more and more people learn about Grantcoin and decide to get involved. If you would like to join our team as a new Board Member, Advisor, or volunteer in any area, please contact us and let us know about your talents, experience and interests, and how you’d like to help!