Now Available: Manna Whitepaper, Wallets and More

Dear Grantcoin/Manna Community:

It’s finally happening! — Grantcoin is being rebranded as Manna. By tomorrow, we expect:

  • SouthXchange will change their GRT/BTC and GRT/USD markets to MANNA/BTC and MANNA/USD.
  • Our blockchain should be viewable with new Manna-branded CryptoID block explorer.

Manna Wallets

In conjunction with the rebranding of our currency on these third-party services, we’re releasing a beta version of new Manna wallets. Windows and Linux QT desktop wallets are now available to download for beta testing. Our team is still debugging the Mac wallet but we expect to release it soon. Click here for wallet downloads and known issues.

If you would like to participate in testing and bug fixes, please contact our CTO, Doug Shubert: [email protected]. We are especially looking for volunteers with experience in compiling apps for the Mac, and working with Berkeley DB.

You can still use the existing Grantcoin version 0.7.0 wallets until block 1,100,000 of the blockchain (expected in May 2018), after which they will no longer be compatible with the Manna network. Until then, you can send coins back and forth between Grantcoin and Manna wallets. Private keys can also be imported from one to the other.

Manna Whitepaper

We’re excited to publish the white paper for the Manna currency and Mannabase platform!

This comprehensive 32-page document explains the details of our project, its history, future plans, and impact in the world. Meet our talented and diverse team. Find out why we’re building a solution for basic income on the blockchain and targeted direct giving — and how we’ll make it happen.

Download the Manna whitepaper here.

Mannabase Progress Report

We’re currently in the testing and debugging phase, getting ready to roll out Phase 2 of the launch of the Mannabase platform. Our development team has been hard at work, but we’re running about 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule, compared to our previous estimates of when things would be ready for the public. We apologize for the delay, and we can assure you we’re getting close to being able to release much more.

Please stay tuned for announcements and rollout of two more phases of soon, including (1) user registration, basic income signup and verification, and (2) web-based wallets and automated basic income distribution.

We’re moving forward and getting close to launch. Thank you for your patience and support!

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