Mission Statement

Money By the People, For the People

The Grantcoin Vision and Mission

We, the people of the world, recognize and declare that money is a social invention which can be changed by the people according to our values.

We affirm that currencies, like any other product, service, or social institution, should be subject to people’s judgment and freedom of choice, and that the value of a currency derives from people’s perceptions and decisions about its worthiness to be regarded and used as a medium of exchange in the economy.

We have seen, historically, that currencies based on a natural resource, such as gold, create an imbalance of wealth favoring nations within whose borders such resource primarily is found, and an economic incentive to plunder by those lacking reserves of such money.

We see, today, that currencies created as issuance of debt by banks, whose mission is to gain profit by charging interest on loans, favor the accumulation of wealth by already wealthy individuals, businesses, and nations, which are preferred for access to credit over those without as much capital.

As we witness the growing scourge of inequality and its consequences, we see that the existing system is unjust and unsustainable. Recognizing and accepting the moral obligation that arises from such knowledge, we stand united in the decision to create a better alternative: a currency of conscience designed to facilitate the emergence of a more just and sustainable global economic system.

We insist that such a new currency be distributed into circulation by a democratically governed non-profit organization, according to a philanthropic mission for the benefit of all humanity, not the private gain of a few: that money itself should become a public service, and its issuance a program encouraging shared prosperity and a secure human future.

We insist that a new currency be equitable: that it shall be issued to all people as a human right, as a universal basic income to be enjoyed by all — to compensate, at least partially, for the accidents of birth and circumstances of fortune that have blessed or condemned different people and regions of the world to wealth or poverty.

Confident in the virtue and necessity of this endeavor, we commit to do everything in our power to make it a reality, to further its aims and bolster its success, through our own decisions and actions — trusting in the power of a multitude of peaceful, positive, free choices by inherently free people to change the world for the better.