Grantcoin uses a decentralized transaction processing system called cryptographic mining, which was pioneered by Bitcoin. Less than 0.5% of the total supply of Grantcoin is expected to be created through competitive proof-of-work Bitcoin-style mining. Mining may be phased out in 2018, as Grantcoin transitions to a new system based on a unique modification of Peercoin’s proof-of-stake technology.

The mining reward became a significant value starting at block 50,000 of the Grantcoin blockchain, which was reached on May 10, 2015. Before then, it was a negligible 0.01 GRT per block. This was to give a large number of people a fair chance to study the extensive documentation about the Grantcoin project which was released to the public on May 1 of that year, so that nobody would have an unfair advantage to profit from mining Grantcoin before other potential miners could learn about the coin.

For a complete schedule of mining rewards by block number see the technical info page.

Grantcoin Mining Pool: