Manna Relaunch Progress Report

The Grantcoin team is pleased to announce that we’re moving forward with our plans to relaunch as Manna. Over the next 2-3 months, we are working to complete the following:

  • New blockchain for manna token, with various bug fixes and improvements from the current Grantcoin blockchain. Grantcoin will be exchangeable at a 1:1 rate for manna, through a simple process to be announced.
  • New platform at Mannabase will be a professionally designed, user-friendly platform for receiving and transacting the manna currency. Users will be able to sign up for basic income, receive free distributions, and send the currency to other users and external wallets. Businesses and charities that accept manna will have a simple, attractive profile page with built-in transaction buttons on Mannabase, and a plugin for their website.

In connection with this transition, we are freezing the Grantcoin wallets on Ekata Social as of September 1. We are also delaying further basic income distributions until the manna currency and Mannabase platform are launched later this fall.

Please rest assured that everyone with Grantcoin on Ekata will be able to receive the same amount of manna on Mannabase, as part of the transition process. We recommend holding any Grantcoin you already have in your Ekata wallet until further announcement about the 1:1 token exchange.

We want to thank Mark Witham, CEO of Ekata Social LLC, for the great work he has done to help the Grantcoin project over the past year. Mark and the Grantcoin Foundation have mutually decided to part ways, and we wish Mark all the best in his future endeavors.

Doug Shubert, our new Interim CTO, will be helping our organization with the technological transition to a new blockchain and platform. He will also be helping us build a larger, more experienced team of full-stack and cryptocurrency developers as the Manna project moves forward.

Doug has already been serving as an Advisor to the Grantcoin Foundation, and we’re excited that he will be helping us in an enhanced role over the next several months. Doug is the President and CTO of Access Gate Servers, a company with 30+ years experience building enterprise-level servers and server security solutions for major corporate and government clients. He is also the founder and lead developer of Khipu Koin, a new cryptocurrency project focused on crowdsourced storage and distribution of news and information.

If you’re a developer and you’re interested to join the Manna tech team, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact Eric Stetson, Grantcoin/Manna founder, at [email protected] and send your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile. We’re looking for developers skilled in any of the following: cryptocurrency coding and QT wallets, web-based wallets, OpenSSL, Berkeley DB, Boost, miniupnpc, smart contracts and Ethereum, full-stack development, Linux, Node.js, Bootstrap, Django and Python, MySQL and database administration.

Building our own new platform is a big deal, but we’re ready to go and already working on it. As the leading cryptocurrency focusing on Universal Basic Income, we’re gaining more and more donors, investors, people signing up (now over 3,300), and people interested to volunteer. The challenge we now face is not lack of interest, but more interest than our small team can handle. It’s time to grow our team, increase our level of professionalism, and take this project to the next level.

We ask for your patience, your confidence in our plans, and your help during the important transitional phase ahead. Our next major news update, by the end of September, will include the release of our new whitepaper and information about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign and token sale.

Thank you for your continued support!

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