Manna Launch Update and Progress Report

Dear Grantcoin/Manna Community,

Our team is pleased to report that we have launched a small part of the new Mannabase website at

You can enter your email address and begin the process to sign up for Manna. You will get a unique referral link that you can share with others. If you were previously signed up for Grantcoin, it will show you how many referrals you’ve already made.

Also check out our new infographic that visually explains the Manna project, on the front page of the website.

Good news!

Two new developers have joined our team:

  • Matthew Lohbihler owns his own software development company in Toronto, Canada, and previously worked as a software engineer at Amazon.
  • Yumna Ghazi works as a developer for startups and is a master’s degree student in computer science in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Matthew and Yumna are doing a great job and are making lots of progress behind the scenes. Along with Doug Shubert, CTO, an expert in server security, we now have a robust and highly qualified technical team.

Here’s our expected timeline for releasing more of Mannabase:

  • Late December: Mannabase user login/register and full signup process for manna basic income. A FAQ page and more documentation will also be added at this time.
  • Early January: Grantcoin to Manna code update and desktop wallets.
  • Mid to Late January: Web-based wallets on Mannabase, with previous Grantcoin balances from Ekata Social preloaded as Manna.
  • Also in January: Weekly automated basic income distributions begin.

In other news…

We have completed a working draft of the Manna white paper, which team members are now sharing with potential advisors and investors. We plan to publish a final version of the white paper to the general public in the next few weeks.

We’re also working on educational videos about cryptocurrency and the power of the blockchain and Manna, especially, to empower people and bring hope and opportunity for the next generation.

Finally, we’re encouraged by growing interest in Manna on a local level. Our meetup in Orlando, Florida has become a well-attended recurring event. A volunteer in Sierra Leone is recruiting supporters for Manna on college campuses. A volunteer in Mexico is talking with local politicians about using Manna for a a basic income pilot study. And one of our team members has been talking with artistic communities in Australia and Indonesia about partnering with Manna to raise money for arts and education programs.

If you’re interested to hold a Manna meetup in your community, please contact Brandon Venetta, [email protected] and we’ll help you get started.

We hope you’re encouraged by the progress we’re making. Much more will be coming in the next two months, so stay tuned!

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