Introducing Manna: Grantcoin 2.0

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Grantcoin has come a long way since it was launched two years ago. As we recently announced, we now have more than 2,500 basic income recipients around the world, a new platform for web-based wallets, and a fully automated distribution system. Grantcoin continues to increase in value, now worth 10 to 20 times the price when it first traded in May 2015. Charitable recipients of Grantcoin have received more than $30,000 in value through our project — the first cryptocurrency distributed by a tax-exempt nonprofit.

As the industry leader in blockchain basic income, we’re ready to scale up and take this project to the next level. Our team is excited to announce a new name and branding of the currency, new technology goals, and an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for MANNA, the successor token to Grantcoin.

Through the Manna relaunch, we intend to solve several technological, economic, and security issues with the original version of Grantcoin, grow the project’s stakeholders and acquire the funding we need to become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies.

The relaunch will be rolled out over the next few months. Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • 1 to 1 Exchange: Grantcoin will be exchangeable for manna at a 1:1 rate, during a period of time announced well in advance. Investors and traders can continue buying and holding Grantcoin with confidence that the tokens will be fully convertible into manna, using a simple and user-friendly method.
  • Smart Contracts, Not Premine: More than half of the 10 billion premined Grantcoin held in reserve by the Grantcoin Foundation will be destroyed and NOT duplicated in the new manna token. Manna will be built with smart contracts to create and distribute basic income to all recipients on an automated schedule, as needed, according to our currency’s low annual inflation rate.
  • Reduced Founders Holdings: The founders of Grantcoin will be donating the majority of their holdings for the crowdfunding campaign, and the proceeds will be used to fund the nonprofit Foundation, technology development, marketing and promotion.
  • Crowdfund Launch of New Token: We will conduct a major fundraiser for the launch of Manna, through which anyone interested can become stakeholders in the new version of the currency. There will be several phases of the campaign with announced fundraising goals, and we will seek participation from a wide range of people and levels of financial commitment.
  • Detailed Information to Attract New Stakeholders: We will publish a new website with a new white paper, roadmap, and budget for how we will use the money raised in the relaunch. This information will be presented in a highly professional way, available in multiple languages, and well advertised before the crowdfunding campaign begins.

Grantcoin has been an innovative and important project, a first in the blockchain space. Manna is Grantcoin 2.0, the next phase of development of this unique, socially responsible cryptocurrency. With an inspiring brand that can appeal to the general public, better technology, and improvements to the economic profile of the token, our team believes that Manna has a tremendous future!

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Please donate to help cover the cost of the relaunch — for legal and administrative needs, marketing to spread the word, etc. Thank you for your continued support!

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