How to Get Grantcoin

There are several ways to get Grantcoin…

Get a Grantcoin starter kit.

Donate to the Grantcoin Foundation and receive a GrantDrive — an attractive bamboo flash drive preloaded with wallet software, currency, and instructions. A perfect way to get started with Grantcoin, either for yourself or for someone you know as a gift!

Sign up for our Basic Income grant program.

Grantcoin is distributed into circulation primarily as Basic Income grants to anyone in the world who chooses to participate. We believe access to the money supply is a universal human right.

Buy Grantcoin on exchanges.

Grantcoin can be purchased for Bitcoin at the market price on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading is open 24 hours a day.

Mining on the blockchain.

If you’re a cryptocurrency miner and would like to earn Grantcoin and help support our network, point your mining rigs to one of our pools or solo mine the currency.