Happy Holidays! Let’s Finish the Year Strong!

Dear Grantcoin/Manna Community,

As the holiday season approaches and the year comes to an end, we’re making great strides in our project. We’re closing in on the full launch of Mannabase in January — and since we launched an email signup and referral system at mannabase.com, we’ve had more than 1,000 new signups in just one week!

With 8,000+ people on our email list, 4,000+ people already on Mannabase, more than $150,000 USD equivalent distributed as Grantcoin to UBI recipients, and ever-increasing interest from donors and investors, it’s been a great year for Universal Basic Income on the blockchain!

We’re excited to announce that another new developer has joined our team: Michael McLaughlin is a web developer from the Chicago area. He has been responsible for building and maintaining all aspects of front-end code for complex websites. He has also worked as an instructor at coding bootcamps, covering full-stack of web and mobile development. With Michael aboard, our tech team has expanded to four highly qualified developers and systems administrators — all of whom are working hard and passionate about making Manna a success.

We appreciate your patience as we complete the transition from Grantcoin to Manna. With the cryptocurrency space booming, we’re optimistic about where we’re headed in 2018. And we couldn’t be more excited about restarting our basic income distributions soon, on the Mannabase platform.

Manna’s success depends on the community as a whole, and your support will help ensure we can continue to develop and manifest this important and revolutionary project. Together, we can mannafest a better future for humanity — a future with less poverty and more economic opportunity for the next generation.

As a special end-of-year promotion, contributors of $100 or more will receive Manna-branded polarized bamboo sunglasses and a starter amount of 1,000 manna when our web-based wallets launch on Mannabase.com. We of course appreciate any donation amount and are grateful to all our supporters. Happy holidays!

Give $100 or more
Receive these limited edition Manna
branded polarized bamboo sunglasses + 1,000 Manna.


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