Grantcoin Launches Automated Signup Process on Ekata Social Platform

Ekata Social logo

Ekata Social logo

The Grantcoin Foundation is pleased to announce that we have developed an automated system for signup and verification of applicants for Grantcoin Basic Income. The technology was built by Ekata Social LLC and is the first step toward our mutual goal of full integration of Grantcoin into Ekata, a new social media platform.

The new signup process for Grantcoin will not require human labor to process the majority of applications. Applicants will verify their email address and mobile phone number, and in most cases will be automatically approved and instantaneously receive a referral code they can share with others.

Manual verification will still be available for people without a cell phone, or whose phone number cannot be verified as a valid mobile phone using automated processes. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will no longer be options for verification — instead, users without an automatically verifiable cell phone number will be asked to upload a photo ID.

Geographical filters will be applied during the signup process, to flag applications that are more likely to be duplicates or otherwise fraudulent. Such applications will be manually reviewed before being approved or denied by Grantcoin Foundation staff or volunteers.

Over 800 people who have signed up for Grantcoin Basic Income since the last distribution on October 1 have not been processed yet, and are asked to sign up again using the new system, as beta testers to help us make sure it’s working properly. We will send you an email this weekend with a link and detailed instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we trust that anyone who is truly interested in Grantcoin will be happy to participate in testing the new automated system. In fact, this will be the only way to get verified for Grantcoin distribution from now on, for anyone who did not already receive Grantcoin Basic Income last quarter.

Everyone who signs up for Grantcoin using the new system will also receive a free account on the Ekata Social platform. You are not required to use your Ekata account, but you may find it interesting to experiment with this new social media site which is now open for beta testing, and we hope you will. People who received Grantcoin Basic Income in the past will receive an invitation key from Ekata Social, and you may create an account there if you wish to try it.

The Grantcoin Foundation is looking forward to further integration between Grantcoin and Ekata as time goes on. Next steps may include:

  1. Distribution of Grantcoin Basic Income through an automated system developed by Ekata Social LLC.
  2. Web-based wallets for Grantcoin on Ekata.
  3. E-payments with Grantcoin on Ekata.

These further developments will require many thousands of dollars of new donations and/or investments in Grantcoin. We will be doing everything we can to raise the necessary funds in 2017.

Thank you to the Grantcoin community for your patience during the past couple of months, as we have been working hard behind the scenes on strategic planning and technological development. Our top priority is to transition from manual to automated systems, to make Grantcoin more sustainable and enable it to keep growing, and to increase protection against fraud. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, and we’ll keep you posted as we keep moving forward.

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