Grantcoin Distribution Rescheduled to Late January; Foundation Expands Board of Directors

As some people have noticed, the Grantcoin Foundation has delayed the quarterly distribution of Grantcoin Basic Income which was scheduled to occur on December 30, 2016. There are several reasons for this delay:

  • Most people who signed up after October 1 using the old, manual verification system did not yet complete the new signup process on Ekata Social, which is a requirement to be included in the distribution of Grantcoin from now on. We want to give you more time to sign up and be verified. (Note: If you already signed up and verified your account for Grantcoin before October 1, please do not sign up again — you will automatically be included in future Grantcoin distributions.)
  • We received requests for an extension of the signup deadline, especially from new people signing up who reported bugs in the Ekata signup/verification system, which is in beta testing. This seemed like a reasonable request, given the fact that some of the bugs took a while to fix and may have prevented many people from completing their signup in time.
  • We are still developing the technology to automate the distribution of Grantcoin. Until then, this means Grantcoin distributions are still incorporating manual processes, subject to the availability of our staff and team members. Because of the holidays as well as the growing popularity of this project, our team needed additional time to provide the same diligent and detailed approach to this distribution as those in the past.

Therefore, we are rescheduling the next distribution of Grantcoin to late January. Please sign up by January 21 to be included. That date is a final cutoff, after which there will be no further extensions to be included in this quarter’s Grantcoin Basic Income distribution.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time of growth and development. Rest assured, we are working tenaciously to complete the technology necessary to avoid distribution delays in the future.

In other news, the Grantcoin Foundation is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Board of Directors to five people. Two new Board Members join the organization’s founding Board of Eric Stetson, Brandon Venetta, and Jon Frechin:

  • Amanda Medica, a performing artist, spiritual counselor and nonprofit activist from Australia.
  • Mark Witham, software developer and founder and CEO of Ekata Social.

The Grantcoin founders are excited to be working with Amanda and Mark to lead Grantcoin to the next level of success in 2017. View their photos and learn more about these highly talented new directors of the Grantcoin Foundation on our team page.

Also, the Grantcoin Foundation recently published an 18-page Case for Support (PDF). This document is a must-read for anyone wanting to gain a thorough understanding of the Grantcoin project, its history, impact, future plans and needs.

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