Grantcoin can be traded for Bitcoin and U.S. Dollars on SouthXchange (English and Spanish interface):

  • GRT/BTC market
  • GRT/USD market

If you want to trade the GRT/BTC market, you will need a separate way to exchange Bitcoin for your local currency. Reputable and user-friendly places to buy and sell Bitcoin online include Coinbase (U.S. Dollars) and Bitstamp (U.S. Dollars and Euros).

If you would like to make a large purchase of Grantcoin — $250 USD or more (or equivalent in another currency) — and you don’t want to move the market price through your own buying activity, please contact the Grantcoin Foundation to discuss making an off-market purchase from our currency reserve.

See also:

  • Wallets — Options for storing your Grantcoin.
  • Legal Disclaimer — Grantcoin is not an equity or security, and ownership of Grantcoin does not entitle the owner to any dividends or voting rights in the Grantcoin Foundation.