August Distribution Complete; Transaction Batching Implemented

The Grantcoin Foundation is pleased to announce that we have completed the August distribution of Grantcoin basic income and referral bonuses. 2,922 people received funds in this distribution. 1,408,745.052537 GRT was distributed as basic income and 893,426.980778 as bonuses.

The distribution was delayed from the originally planned date of August 1 because we needed to implement transaction batching in the auto-distribution code. This code update was necessary because the number of recipients has grown so large. It will enable us to continue to scale up and distribute currency efficiently.

While updating the code, we experienced an error which initially caused the amount distributed as bonuses to be too low. We fixed that problem in a later series of transactions.

A record of all transactions for the August distribution can be found in these blocks of the Grantcoin blockchain:

We have identified a small number of people (less than 40) who may not have received the full amount of their referral bonuses in the last two automated distributions, due to some users having two different referral codes. We are in the process of conducting a full manual audit of our database and sending transactions to these recipients to correct the amount of Grantcoin they should have received. If this issue affects you, we ask that you please be patient as our team is working to resolve this issue as fast as we can.

Thank you for your support as we keep growing and improving our technology.

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