Grantcoin Foundation Shifts Fundraising Strategy, Begins Outreach to Charities

The Grantcoin Foundation, a legally incorporated nonprofit organization, has decided to stop selling reserves of Grantcoin on exchanges and will instead pursue grant funding from philanthropists and charitable foundations to fund our activities. We will also begin seeking donations from people who wish to use Grantcoin as a convenient way to make micro-donations to charities […]

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Grantcoin Foundation to Sell Less Grantcoin, Provide Buy Support on Exchanges, Increase Focus on Charity and E-Commerce

After considering feedback both from skeptics and supporters of Grantcoin, the Grantcoin Foundation has decided to make some changes to confirm to the public our commitment to our charitable mission and to making Grantcoin an actively traded currency which can be spent for real goods and services. The changes being made are as follows: 1. […]

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Grantcoin Now Trading on Ripple Trade for Dollars, Euros and More

The Grantcoin Foundation has opened Grantcoin markets on the Ripple Trade online currency exchange, including 13 currency pairs. Grantcoin can now be traded directly for U.S. dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, British pounds, Brazilian reals, Canadian dollars, South Korean won, Mexican pesos, South African rand, and Singapore dollars. Grantcoin also has established markets on […]

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